How to Use and Customize a File Sharing Telegram Bot

Master Telegram File Sharing: Simple & Best Bot Hosted on Mogenius for Free - Step-by-Step Guide
Master Telegram File Sharing: Simple & Best Bot Hosted on Mogenius for Free – Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to GrayMatter’s Tech Blog! In today’s post, we will learn how to use a file store bot using Code Export. This bot allows you to share files with others through Telegram, providing easy access to your shared files. We will also explore customization options to tailor the bot according to your needs. Let’s get started!

○ How to create your own File Share Bot on mogenius –

Creating the File Store Bot:
To begin, open your Telegram account and navigate to the Gray Matters Test Bot. This bot is hosted on the mogenius platform, and you can find details about the bot, including the source code, owner information, and support group, in the about section.

File Sharing:
Once you have accessed the bot, we can start sharing files. Let’s take a video file as an example. Send the video to the bot, and it will generate a link for the file. This link can be shared with others, allowing them to access the file. The shared file will remain accessible as long as it is present in the bot’s locked channel. If the file is deleted from the channel, the link will no longer work.

Sharing Multiple Files:
If you want to create a single link for multiple files, you can use the batch command. Send multiple files to the bot, one after another, and the bot will generate a link that provides access to all the files. Users can access these files through the generated link.

Additional Features:
The bot offers other useful features as well. You can use the slash users command to find out how many users have used the bot. With the broadcast command, you can send a message to all the bot users. This can be helpful for making announcements or sharing important information. Finally, you can check the uptime of the bot to see how long it has been running non-stop.

Using a file store bot in Telegram allows you to easily share files with others. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can set up your own file sharing bot using Code Export. Customize the bot’s behavior and captions to provide a personalized experience for your users. Enjoy the convenience of sharing files effortlessly with your friends, colleagues, or community members using the file store bot.

Remember to check the video for visual references and additional tips.

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